The 18 week target: breached in February

by Rob Findlay

It’s official, the headline target that 90 per cent of patients should be admitted within 18 weeks has been breached.

The underlying pressures (based on those patients who are still waiting, as opposed to those lucky enough to be admitted) remain elevated. The picture varies enormously around the country, so here are some interactive maps showing how the pressures vary from place to place.

The following charts show, for patients still waiting, the time beyond which one in ten patients have already waited (since referral). If you click on a pin, some details will appear in a balloon, and then you can click on the Trust name in the balloon to get a comprehensive analysis.


All specialties first:


View All specialties in a full screen map

And now a breakdown by specialty:

Cardiothoracic Surgery


General Surgery




Oral Surgery


Plastic Surgery



(Data from Department of Health; mapping by BatchGeo)

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