New: more powerful reporting in Gooroo Planner

by Rob Findlay

You’ve thrown the data in, picked an activity scenario, and now you want to see the results.

More than that, you’ve loaded up the entire hospital – a couple of hundred service lines in all. So you’re slightly dreading the massive table – over ten thousand numbers – that will make up your detailed plan for the coming year.

You needn’t have worried, because Gooroo Planner’s brand-new Report viewer makes it all digestible.

New Reports view controls
New Reports view controls

Want to see the biggest waiting lists? Just click the row you want to sort (or use the drop-down), and select your sort order.

Want to see Orthopaedics? Just type “ortho” into the filter box.

Want to subtotal across hospital sites and specialties to see the big picture? Just un-tick the headers you want to subtotal across.

Want to use all these features at the same time? No problem: just click Apply.

The new Report viewer means that chucking the numbers around is now a lot easier. So you can quickly pick out the detail that matters, without losing sight of the big picture. You get the power of a database, yet the controls are simpler than a spreadsheet.

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