Your 18 week waits: February 2013 data

by Rob Findlay

Here is the local picture on 18 week waits, fully updated with the latest RTT waiting times data just released by NHS England.

If you want to pick a Trust or independent sector provider, and get a full analysis of the pressures in any specialty, then all the detail is here. I’m afraid haven’t put the PCTs up this time because I had a software glitch overnight (and am hoping nobody will mind because they’ve all been abolished now anyway).

Where are the very-long waiters?

The following map compares one-year waits, 18-week waits, and total waits, with the values a year before. You can click the provider name to get a full analysis.


92 per cent of the waiting list within 18 weeks

The most meaningful (and, from April, the main contractual) waiting time measure is that 92 per cent of the waiting list (‘incomplete pathways’) must be within 18 weeks. So this map series shows how long 92 per cent of the waiting list has actually waited.

92 per cent map
92 per cent map

Unfortunately the mapping service I use has limited their free service to 250 lines of data, so I can’t map the specialty-level data any more. But you can download a table of all the detail here: map data

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